Swiss Cashmere

This modest, but wonderful and prizewinning perfume house pays homage to the Swiss Alps. It is a beautiful collection of perfumes and represents both the power and magic of the Alpine flora. Luxury and simplicity; as if feeling the finest Cashmere wool.

Swiss Cashmere was inspired by the wonderful wild flowers that cover the majestic Swiss hills from spring to autumn. It is a tribute to friendship, a gift that needs time to grow and blossom.

Inside the numerous huts and caves, scattered all over the Swiss Alps, mountaineers find felt blankets to wrap themselves in to warm them after cold journeys. These blankets are traditionally called ‘Swiss Cashmere’ and feel like they are a gift from heaven.

It is for that reason that every flacon is covered in a little blanket of 100% Swiss merino wool and comes with a little packet filled with wildflower seeds from Switzerland.

This special collection of four fragrances is the result of an incredibly clever composition of different scents put together by four internationally famous perfumers.

By applying Swiss Cashmere you surround yourself with the quality and luxury from a country that is admired for these distinctive characteristics.