Parfums de Marly (Belgium and Luxembourg)

This extraordinary perfume collection gets its name from the French King Louis XV. This peculiar but passionate ruler was a great lover of perfumes. His ruling period is occasionally called ‘Le Cour Parfumé’.

Besides exquisite perfumes Louis XV was a great admirer of equestrian sports.  These two passions are the key to the name ‘Parfums de Marly.’

In 1743 the sculpture ‘Les Chevaux de Marly’ was made for Louis XV and consisted of 9 sculptured horses. The name comes from Chateau de Marly, inhabited by Louis XV at the time. The names of the horses are linked with the names of the nine perfumes produced by this fantastic perfume house.

By using the rarest ingredients in the perfume world available, Parfums de Marly is able to create a perfume collection that differs from all others.

The perfumes remind you of the extravagant life of French Kings and bring about flashbacks of France during the 18th century.