House of Sillage

By creating House of Sillage, Nicole Mather gave the world something that did not exist before.Being a new reference within the world of haute perfumery, House of Sillage has already received many prizes.

Within two years this luxury brand has conquered 40 countries with a phenomenal form of unprecedented luxury. This phenomenon is now introduced throughout the Benelux.

House of Sillage vouches for its quality. It is a beautiful and uncompromising blend of perfume and presentation, fully produced in France.

The gorgeous Signature Collection consists of sensational pure perfumes that were composed by the two world famous ‘noses’ Francis Camail and Mark Buxton. The flacons are made by hand out of the best quality precious metal, glass and brilliant cut Swarovski crystal.

By pushing the limits of what is possible Nicole Mather created the Limited Collection flacons. It is a true expression of art and craftsmanship and inspired by icons that she feels related to.

The Private Collection of House of Sillage surpasses anybody’s imagination.

High quality diamonds and other exclusive gems complement this sublime jewel among perfumes.

The quality of this high-end house of perfume is unparalleled and is held in high esteem throughout the world of perfume.

House of Sillage ….the ultimate luxury experience of timeless elegance.