The Scentables

We are Koert-Jan de Bruijn, Jeroen Graas and Sandra Graas-de Bruijn. Also known as ‘The Scentables’! A family company with a mission.

Together we handle exclusive distribution and management of high-end niche perfumes inside the Benelux.
With a lot of passion we use our different talents and make use of a broad network inside the world of cosmetics and media.

With our love for perfume and our knowledge and dedication, we want to bring awareness of a different perfume world. One that has a lot more to offer than what is pushed through by major media campaigns.

Our motto: if you’re not familiar with a brand, get curious!

‘The Scentables Haut Parfumerie’ is a new chapter in a 45 year old family history of perfume shops located in Amsterdam. This current part of the history sees new opportunities in a totally changed perfume market.

The perfume houses, that we proudly represent, mainly exist because of their top quality and exclusivity.
They provide both accessible and very complex perfumes.

We invest in distribution channels that are not very familiar in the industry. We offer a valuable addition to the experience within perfume stores, jewelries, concept stores or clothing boutiques.

Because of our retail background we are aware of the market and its consumers. But besides that we totally understand the considerations of the retailers.

Flexibility, paying attention and sales assistance are the three most important values in our company.
Because of our excellent relationship with the founders of the different brands we can fully honor these values.

We believe luxury is an experience and not a given.

We cordially invite you to contact us, so we may tell you more about the brands we represent and the possibilities we provide.

The Scentables